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Yoga and Mindfulness classes with Pippa

Live online classes for everybody

About the Classes

Yoga and Embodied Movement sessions are designed to nurture and move your body gently and deeply.   I give clear and accessible instructions and am able to give guidance to individuals, so long as I can see you!  The Yoga postures taught with sensitivity and encourage you to enjoy moving and being in your body.  I combine elements of Energy Medicine and Mindfulness with the yoga stretches and the sessions are inspired and guided by the season we are in.  In the Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation class we will ease out the body to allow easy breathing and then practice mindfulness meditation.  The yoga movement in this session is designed to be very accessible for all levels of ability and is focused on enabling you breathe and sit with yourself, with ease.  Each week we will do a specific meditation and I will allow some time to explore what mindfulness meditation is, with stories, metaphors and a 10 minute group enquiry at the end.  This is a restorative and exploratory session designed to bring you deeply into your body and being. 

Starting a new yoga class with a new teacher, on zoom, can be a little challenging at first as everything is new.  If you have physical issues that may require supports and modifications,  I invite you to join me for a free short session, (10-30 mins max).  We do this at some point before the class.  If you are reasonably familiar with yoga and do not have specific issues, we can sort out the positioning of you and your device 10 minutes before the class begins.

Class Times

Yoga and Embodied movement

MONDAY:  7.30-9pm.  

WEDS: 9.30-11am

FRIDAY: 11-12.30am

Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

THURSDAY:  5-6pm

How to book

I run a drop in/flexible ticket system.  You need to email me with the class or classes you would like to attend.  Contact me on my CONTACT page.  I will then put your name on a mailing list and you will receive a zoom invite each week which you can simply respond to when you wish to attend.  We both keep a record of your attendance and I will email you when you are out of credit.

You are welcome to TRY OUT a class using the PAYPAL buttons below.   If you then want to proceed  you can then book 5 or 10 sessions in advance @£55/£110 for the Yoga and Embodied Movement or @£40/£80 for the Meditation class..  Once you have decided then I will give you details for how to pay for a block booking.

SPECIAL NEW YEAR OFFER – 5 zoom Yoga classes for the price of 3 @33.  Take these sessions when you want until end of March.  This will help you discover if these classes are right for you.


PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO TURN UP 5 MINUTES EARLY so we can start together on time. It is lovely to say hello before we start.
Basic yoga equipment is very helpful. A mat and ideally, four foam blocks.  Yogamatters do lovely coloured foam blocks and mats. Even Eco mats! Please follow this link:    https://www.yogamatters.com/equipment-accessories/yoga-blocks

Private one-to-one yoga online

Therapeutic teaching tailored to your needs. 

One to one yoga allows for a total embrace of your needs. These sessions are really useful if you have ongoing health or emotional issues that require specific attention. You may also just want to learn yoga privately for your own enjoyment and benefit. If you want to find greater flexibility, balance your emotions and energies as well as learn to self care then these sessions will be for you. We will work together to empower you to tune in to your needs, keep your energy moving and relate to yourself in a gentle, loving way.
I offer you an audio or a written sheet with drawings with specific exercises to do during the week, based on what we have done in the session so that you cultivate the habit of listening to and nurturing your own body.  You can also record the session so you can return to the lesson in your own time.

60 minutes @ £60
75 minutes @ £75
Audio or write up @ £20

If you are interested, please go to the contact page, email me and we can find a time to meet online.

What people have said ..

- about the classes

As a mum of two small children, time for myself can be hard to come by, but the online yoga class has become my lifeline for self care. The class is where I feel like I re-integrate my body and mind and I carry that peace and strength with me for the rest of the week. I feel nourished and strengthened by the yoga and it helps me with the physical strains of carrying, feeding and comforting children all day every day. This yoga doesn’t ask me to compete with myself and helps me love my body.
Seren. Artist and Mother of two beautiful boys

- about one to one yoga sessions

I worked with Pippa towards the end of a long journey through chronic pain/ptsd. Working with Pippa I was able to connect with my body in ways I had not previously and to start to listen to it. Pippa is incredibly intuitive and empathetic, and in my sessions with her I found a safe space to start to release long held emotions and trauma. She also gave me very gentle but powerful exercises to work with in my own time so that I could keep up the momentum of the class work and take back some control over a journey that often felt very out of control. Working with Pippa helped me to a place where I felt able to continue without constant support and help from others and this has been huge for me. As a result of the safe space she created, I have been able to acknowledge and release enough trauma that I can now let things surface by themselves – and most importantly trust myself to know how to manage them when they do. I would recommend Pippa without hesitation.
Sarah Nabarro.  Mother and Art Therapist