Private 1-2-1 yoga tuition​

Therapeutic teaching tailored to your needs


£60 per 60 minutes
£75 per 75 minutes
£90 per 90 minutes
​DISCOUNT OF £10 for four sessions paid in advance


Home visits can be arranged at an extra charge, dependent on location.
Sessions are only regularly available during the week.
Cancellation fee within 24hrs
Men by referral only.

CONTACT Pippa to make an appointment and arrange payment.

One to one work - preparing to twist

About 1-2-1 Yoga

Who is private Yoga for?

Yoga is suitable for anyone regardless of age or flexibility.   Private yoga tuition is particularly useful for those who have an issue that needs focused attention or for whom general classes are not suitable.  There is enormous value in having personal tuition as you can absorb the teaching much faster than you would in a general class as it is completely tailored to your specific needs.     These informal sessions can motivate and guide you to do your own practice at home so that you develop the satisfaction of being able to affect your own health and well-being.   Not everyone wishes to practice yoga independently and so these sessions can be taken as sufficient in themselves.

Focus on you - your posture and breath

This is a holistic approach, and I so take into account your life experience and overall mental and emotional state.  When appropriate and welcome, I use ‘hands on’ either to guide your movement or to balance your energy.   Energy balancing can take you into very deep relaxation.

The way we move and breathe on a daily basis profoundly affects how we feel, think and our general health.   Yoga practiced with attention to your posture will help you develop new habits that maintain your health and well-being.  When we stand in balance and harmony, our breathing is freed.  When we breathe naturally and freely, our posture and our being is brought to life. 

I will encourage you to notice and feel how you breathe and how you stand.  Through this awareness you will learn self correct your own posture with the help of some hands on guidance from me.  One-to-one yoga enhances the quality of your life by offering space and time to come back to your-self, find balance and connect to a sense of peace and strength within.

If you would like to have 1-2-1 tuition, please email me using the contact page


What can this Yoga can do for you?

Yoga can help you with health problems that are directly related to stress, such as insomnia, high blood pressure, migraine, physical pain and breathing difficulties.  These sessions are also very useful in convalescence and during cancer care.  I can give remedial guidance to relieve pain that arises from unhelpful postural habits, injury and misalignment through the body.

If you would like to have 1-2-1 tuition, please email me using the contact page

What people have said about private tuition

Pippa is a brilliant yoga teacher. Her sessions are superb. She works on each individual’s particular needs. So in my case, she has helped increase the strength and flexibility of my back and given me effective strategies for managing stress..
Robert Peston - Journalist.
I have been seeing Pippa for private yoga lessons now for over a year. I was a beginner at yoga but I immediately felt comfortable with her gentle but firm style of teaching, and I have never looked back. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and what it needs, and makes each lesson work brilliantly as she fits it for that particular day and the mood of the body at the time. The work we do is strenuous but not overly so, so I am always feeling improvements in my body . I am much more flexible now than I was before we started working together, and I am so grateful to Pippa for her wonderful patience and commitment. I would very highly recommend her as an outstanding yoga teacher to suit a huge variety of different needs.
Francesca Longrigg - Songwriter.
I valued your help and support through one of the most challenging times of my life when I had cancer. Yoga gave me individual classes at home and supported me back to health. Now years later and clear of cancer, I am having individual sessions again. I trust Pippa’s knowledge and skill and yet it feels as though we work together in the sessions. Initially the focus was on managing Diabetes and now working on hips and knees. I come away from every session feeling energised, prepared and inspired to practice Yoga at home
Gill Loughran - Retired social Worker.