​with Pippa Graham

Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation for embodied living.
Healingwithyoga - Portrait of Pippa

Healingwithyoga is Yoga taken gently and deeply, guiding you home to your whole self.  I offer enjoyable, transformative Yoga and Mindfulness for beginners and improvers.

Welcome to my website. I am Pippa and have been teaching yoga for 30 years and my own healing with yoga has inspired my desire to teach and share this gentle  practice.  My integrated approach combines yoga postures with embodied movement and energy awareness. The closest Yoga style to my approach is Scaravelli inspired. I teach mindfulness within the yoga poses, and teach embodied meditation classes.

I am based in North London; Crouch End, N8 and Muswell Hill, N10.  I offer live online and Face-to-Face classes, workshops and residential Retreats.  Classes are open to beginners, are mixed or women only.  I offer private 1-1 yoga sessions online or face-to-face for those who need individual time and attention.  I also specialise in yoga after surgery for breast cancer. 

Healingwithyoga - Meditation and Embodied movement​

Who are these classes for? Do you -

– have an interest in feeling really comfortable in your body?
– think you won’t be good at yoga because you are too stiff, too unfit or the wrong shape?
– realise you need to take care of yourself; you are parenting small children or you are turning 50 – or you are much younger and wise enough to know it already?

Do you struggle with -

– a busy brain – a loss of inner free space?
– bad posture
​- Stiffness and aches and pains that cramp your natural movement and well-being?
– overwhelm and being stuck in a flight, fight or freeze response
– emotional tension
– recuperation after illness
– hormone imbalance

What Healingwithyoga can do for you -

These Yoga and Meditation classes offer a safe, nurturing space for you to enjoy being in your body,  whether it is rediscovering life in your little toe, or a general sense of feeling more present and alive.   Through balancing your posture and gentle deep movement, aches and pains are eased and forgotten corners embraced.  This yoga will restore your fluidity of movement, spaciousness and natural joy.   Yoga helps you age youthfully, it can help you deal with illness or convalescence, relieve overwhelm from caring for others or simply undo the habit of being stuck in flight and fight stress response.   These classes will provide a pool of resources for you to feel calm, energised and emotionally grounded.

Healingwithyoga - classes

Yoga and Embodied movement classes

 These classes will connect you to your inner rhythms for healing and help you tune into your ability to nurture yourself.    Yoga and mindfulness meditation is about our experience of ourselves from the inside.  However, It is quite easy to be distracted by ‘How am I doing?’    ‘Am I getting it right?’   Our focus is on allowing time and space to soften our outer body, to feel sensations and to connect to our breath and life force within.  In this way we can become fully embodied and enjoy moving freely from the mobility of our physical centre and the connection to our inner energies. You will feel your connection to the ground and feel your body opening upwards to the sky.   So, as we move and feel, we practice  bringing  compassionate awareness to ourselves with an inner listening and respect for the wisdom of our own body.  This is mindfulness in action!  When we allow ourselves to be present and experience the wholeness of our breath and body from within, we can expand our awareness and be more present in the world out there.   With the right attitude, Yoga brings us back into balance and integrates all parts of ourselves.  There is no competition in Yoga, there is only our own journey.

Mindfulness meditation classes

These classes are designed to bring you home to your senses and to guide you to your natural inner spaciousness.  With some practice,  quiet moments naturally arise, allowing room for the heart to open and soften.  As we become more present to life, our compassionate awareness emerges, both for ourselves and others.  These classes combine some gentle movement, meditation and an inquiry.

What people have said:

Supported Bridge pose
Half Moon lunge with my cat
Half Earth pose - just sitting
Side Stretch opening
A prayer moment in lunge pose
Seated Earth Spiral